Indian Railway Basic Rules

Cost of Item at the station
The Railways Act of 1989 expresses that the IRCTC approved sustenance merchants moving pressed nourishment things or water bottles can't move their merchandise over the MRP. Railway has a toll free number of 1800111321 to complain against them.  
The standard for the Middle Berth
There are fixed resting hours for train travelers particularly on for the middle birth. Its 10 PM to 6 AM after which the seat must be brought down to offer smooth seating for different travelers as well.
Apply for a Duplicate Ticket
On the off chance that you have lost your ticket by possibility, you have to compose an application to the Chief Reservation Supervisor for getting a copy ticket. You have to give the charges for the procedure. In the event that you locate the first ticket, you can guarantee the discount gave that you show both the tickets to the director. 
Toilets for the Engine Drivers
In early days there were no toilets for loco drivers, however, on account of our previous Railway Minister and authorities, this office has been begun in a few trains which will reach out to every single other train over some undefined time frame. Despite the fact that as a security measure, latrine lodge entryway will open just when the train is stationary and loco brakes are in a connected condition which implies the driver can't get to the can lodge if the train is in running mode.
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